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  you will NOT find them here - All Programs Are Used At Your Own RISK !!  
  Name: Cheat Killer v1.0.3 Beta Demo UPDATED  
  Author: Bas  
  Size: 1,599 KB  
  Description: Search, Find and Destroyed Cheaters.  
    Block Disconectors and kick laggers.  
    Full Version Release Date: as yet unknown  
  Download: Download  
  Name: Cheat Killer v1.0.3 Beta Demo Activation Patch UPDATED  
    Problems with Cheat Killer wanting activation - get this patch  
  Download: Activation Patch  
  Name: NFSU-Speech  
  Author: Andreas Wachert  
  Size: 166 KB  
  Description: A tool which switches the language of NFS:Underground from English to German by copying some files, not by modifying the registry. So you don't have problems with the game (e.g. you can't buy your first car, some races don't start).  
  Download: Download  
  Name: NFSU HUVinyls Tool  
  Author: Beowulf78  
  Size: 308 KB  
  Description: This tool lets you use the unique vinyls that cannot be unlocked, like the Samurai, Eastsiderz, NISMO etc..  
  Note: This tool only works with NFS Underground 1.1/1.2/1.3 US-Version!  
  Download: Download  
  Download German Version  
  Name: NFS Underground Mode Unlocker  
  Author: jeffareid  
  Size: 100 KB  
  Description: Once underground mode is completed, the game will not let a player re-enter underground mode to customize or trade in the underground car.  
  This small program unlocks underground mode by re-enabling the last race of underground. It is recommended you save your game in an empty slot after this.  
  Note: This tool only works with NFS Underground 1.3!  
  Download: Download  
  Name: BinTex 0.3  
  Author: Arushan  
  Size: 62 KB  
  Description: This program will let you open up Textures.bin, Vinyls.bin, and any other textures and export the texture data as Direct Draw Surface (DDS) files. It also allows you to import DDS files back into the BIN file.  
  You can only replace an exisiting texture, you CANNOT add a texture! When playing online, the other players will see the original texture, not your edited texture.  
  Download: Download  
  Name: Savegame Editor 1.1  
  Author: mift0  
  Size: 163 KB  
  Description: Savegame editor allows you to patch Need For Speed Underground savegame files to unlock items like tracks, cars etc, to change bank, race statistics and car performance.  
  - points (money) editor  
  - unique cars unlocker  
  - cars unlocker  
  - tracks unlocker  
  - visual upgrades unlocker  
  - performance upgrades unlocker  
  - events unlocker  
  - car performance editor  
  - statistics editor  
  Download: Download  
  Name: No Intro Patch  
  Size: 2 KB  
  Description: You already got bored by the Need for Speed Underground Intro? This small tool can help you, so that the starting movies won't show up.  
  Download: Download  
  Name: TJ Cheat Detector 1.0.1  
  Author: IH8SKYLINES & Gashog  
  Size: 335 KB  
  Description: With this tool you can detect cheaters while playing the game. Just run it in the background, and then switch with Alt+Tab. A detailed description how to use this tool is inside.  
  Update 2. Jan 2004: v1.0.1  
  Tool also works with NFS U v1.3  
  Download: Download  
  Name: NFS U Music Extractor 1.0.0  
  Author: Guru  
  Size: 37 KB  
  Description: With this tool you can extract the music from Need for Speed Underground.  
  Download: Download  
  Name: Unique Visual Upgrade Unlocker  
  Author: Bloodynames78  
  Size: 310 KB  
  Description: With this trainer you can unlock all the unique hoods, rims, body kits, spoilers and Samantha's Vinyls.  
  Download: Download  
  Name: TJ's Part Swapper v1.0.0  
  Author: IH8SKYLINES  
  Size: 8 KB  
  Description: With this tool you can upgrade tuning parts with a few mouseclicks.  
  Update 2.1.2004: v1.0.0  
  Tool also works with NFS U v1.3  
  Download: Download  
  Name: Music Importer  
  Author: Arushan  
  Size: 400 KB  
  Description: With this tool you finally can import your own music in NFS Underground.  
  Download: Download  
  Name: Unofficial NFS U LAN Mod 1.0.1 (Client & Server) NEW  
  Author: vdlgnome  
  Size: 127 KB  
  Description: With this tool you can easily make races on LAN.  
  Download: Download  
  Name: Unofficial NFS U LAN Linux Server 0.9.9  
  Author: vdlgnome  
  Size: 19 KB  
  Description: The NFSU Server for Linux..  
  Download: Download Server for Linux  
  Name: NFS Underground - Language Changer  
  Author: zelasko  
  Size: 363 KB  
  Description: A Language Changer, which changes the language (German-English). Unfortunately it can cause some problems, use it on your own risk.  
  Download: Download  


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