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Runes of Magic - Boss Level and Respawn Times

World Bosses

Name (Level), Type, Respawn Time (SiP (spawn in place) = Has a random chance to spawn in place of the mob specified)

Howling Mountains
Bubsitan(Level 5), Wolf, ~2 Hours
Beruda Lize(Level 8), Bear, SiP Bears

Sherfas(Level 20), Dwarf, ~30-45 Minutes
Bronze Shell Scooray(Level 20), Beetle, ~2 Hours
Aimina(Level 50), Wind Elemental, Bi-Daily event

Aslan Valley
Taylin Fishbone(Level 22), Valley Scavenger, ~2 Hours
Chester Iron Armor(Level 25), Anteater, Unknown
Marclaw Hammertooth(Level 27), Goblin, ~2 Hours
Perodia(Level 30), Ent, SiP Ents

Anselve(Level 45), Spider, SiP Spiders
Aisha(Level 45), Ice Witch, SiP Ice Witches
Scion Locface(Level 45), Dragon, Unknown
Worr Binpike(Level 50), Minotaur, Unknown
Lynn Binpike(Level 50), Minotaur, Unknown

Dragonfang Ridge
Ayson(Level 27), Ice Dwarf, Unknown
Hungry Hangere(Level 50), Cyclops Herald, ~1 Hour
Mischievous Kere(Level 50), Cyclops Herald, ~1 Hour
Peaceful Angore(Level 50), Cyclops Herald, ~1 Hour
Stubborn Wagema(Level 50), Cyclops Herald, ~1 Hour
Ice Burst Locklay(Level 50), Dragonfang Ice Beast, 30 Minutes

Sascilla Steppes
Wild Mane(Level 11), Wolf, 5 minutes

Dust Devil Canyon
Needle Cactus(Level 45), Cactus, ~2-2.5 Hours
Fruit Cactus(Level 45), Cactus, ~2-2.5 Hours
Hyri Flower(Level 45), Cactus, ~2-2.5 Hours
Ayelo(Level 48), Harpie, ~2-2.5 Hours
Kal'Turssi(Level 49), White Ant, Server Reset
Kal'Turstan(Level 49), White Ant, Server Reset
Kal Turok Queen(Level 60), Ant Queen, ~24 Hours

Normal Bosses

Aslan Valley
Crazy Kiosade(Level 20), Dragonfly, ~5 Minutes

Dragonfang Ridge
Rhyst(Level 32), Mammoth, Unknown <-MAKE A MAMMOTH MOUNT NOW
Olias(Level 34), Wolf, Unknown
Lamodis(Level 34), "Panther thing"; Unknown

Some of this is now out of date, and is by no means complete, but I hope it helps.

Most bosses and elites are just there, like Ancalon, Oozing Chaos, and Hollow Shell in FA.

Some, like Joblid in Aslan valley, require you to kill some other monsters before they spawn.
Others, like the Morcus Beast, reqire you to touch or pick something up.

Also in sascilla steppes there is Phant who has a short respawn time, Wild Blaine also short respawn time, wild blade ardise short respawn times.

There are 5 whitefur crowned bosses that walk around Sathkur Ruins area; you have to kill all five of them to get a Dubious Coin from each of them. once you have the 5 Coins you take them to the Slave Cave and click on the Dubious Coin to spawn another boss that drops 1 type of material needed for the 50/50 armor in Lyk. Need to kill these 6 bosses several +++ times to get 1 of the necessary materials needed to make the 50/50 armor.